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  • 5 sets of Tiggly Digitseach set containing eleven manipulatives in the form of 0-10
  • 5 sets of Tiggly Symbols: each set containing four math symbols + - = >

75 Hands-on Manipulatives

Learning Software for Students

Teacher Dashboard

Learn Math. 

Hands on.

Bring Tiggly Digits + Symbols to your classroom

Ideal for Pre-K to 2nd Grade


Game-play available in both English and Spanish languages




Comes in efficient storage bins that are modular and stackable- perfect for sharing among classrooms and centers

Washable manipulatives. No batteries, no Wi-Fi, no Bluetooth needed


Perfect Solution for Classrooms

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Free replacement for your missing manipulatives for two years

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  • Unlimited licenses to download Tiggly Digits: Math City software
  • Compatible with iPad (Chromebook compatibility coming soon)

75 Manipulatives

Unlimited Student Users

Unlimited Teacher Accounts

Student Data Reports

Customer Support


By June 15


75 Manipulatives

Unlimited Student Users

Unlimited Teacher Accounts

Student Data Reports

Customer Support


After June 15

Sample Activity: Doughnut Shop

Make 5, 10, 15, 20 with 10 frame

Sample Activity: Ice Cream Shop

Counting and Cardinality

Sample Activity: Sushi Shop

Greater than, Smaller than, Equal

Sample Activity: Honey Shop

Enumeration, Place Value

  • Unlimited, free Teacher Dashboard accounts
  • Teachers can set up a profile for each student, customize settings for individuals, groups, or the whole classroom, as well as track students’ progress (powered by Teachley)

Watch Tiggly Digits + Symbols in Action

Tiggly Digits + Symbols Includes:

Sample Activity: Pizza Shop

Addition and Subtraction

Sample Activity: Cookie Shop

Missing Number, Writing Numbers

Aligned with all Kindergarten and 1st grade math common core, TEKS, and Florida standards (except from geometry). Suitable for 2nd grade students as intervention


Aligned with Standards

Designed in collaboration with Prof. Herbert Ginsburg from Columbia University’s Teachers College

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Research Based

Additional Shops in Tiggly Digits: Math City

Clock Shop

Reading and Setting Time

Ant Warehouse

Addition and Subtraction Strategies

Soup Shop

Subitizing and Mental Math

Bakery Shop

Measurement and Data